Hi! I'm Marcel Wichmann, a designer for digital products with over 18 years of experience. My current focus is on creating excellent mobile apps.

What I've been up to

However, I'd rather talk about what I worked on last and am most proud of:

Moodpath & MindDoc

When the founders of Moodpath approached me to help bring their vision of a mental health companion into reality, I was so smitten with the idea that I soon after stopped working as a freelance designer to focus full-time on Moodpath.

The app now has more than 4 million users and got bought by MindDoc, Germany's largest provider of online-therapy. Currently I'm responsible for the MindDoc app (previously Moodpath) and the online therapy platform for therapists and patients.

→ More about Moodpath & MindDoc

If you have questions, inquiries or just want to say hi, I'm irregularly available at hi@marcel.io

Thanks for stopping by!