Marcel Wichmann

Hi there! I'm Marcel Wichmann, born in 1989 on the north coast of Germany. Currently I live in Berlin and work as design lead for MindDoc.

My Past

I discovered the existence of .png files when I was 14 and found out that there's a way to create custom spray logos for Counter-Strike 1.5. Let's not focus too much on the fact that I was allowed to play games like that at that age.

From there on I started building websites, creating illustrations, drawing comics, writing a blog, and working in design in general.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007 I followed four different live blogs at the same time. An hour later I started playing around in Photoshop to recreate what I've seen and create my own mobile applications. 14 years later I can't count the number of apps I've been working on since then.

My Present

There was never a time when I didn't want to become a designer and there hasn't been a time where I wished I became something else, yet. Designing processes and products is what fun looks like for me.

I consider myself a hands-on, no-bullshit designer. A product needs to work for the person using it and – in most cases – make money for the company building it. That doesn't sound very romantic but I consider product design a craft, not an art form. My joy in designing products doesn't come from creating the most pretty screens ever but from designing complex processes to work as easily as possible. I want people to use products I worked on to not notice the design at all. "Of course it needs to look and behave like this" is what I'm aiming for.

My Future

I doubt that smartphones and apps will be the future of my profession. That's why I've been working on learning 3D tools like Blender and Three.js. For me, the future is not little screens in our palms but even smaller screens in front of our eyes. Interfaces will still be mostly 2D, but positioned in 3D space and extended through interactive 3D elements.

Sure, there will be no shortage of 2D-only products in need of a designer in my lifetime but I want to work on the cutting edge of interaction and design and how people live with technology. That will be AR and I want to be ready for that.

Say Hi

I stopped using social media in February 2020 and didn't regret it for a second. That makes me a little hard to reach but I do check my email and LinkedIn from time to time and will respond to everything that sounds interesting.