It’s not surprising to read something like what you’re about to at the beginning of a new year. People find time to relax and think over the holidays. They find motivation, feel like everything is possible, and decide to finally give it a go in January. Whatever “it” may be.

For me, it’s gardening. Digital gardening. Because I needed to code something and my current app project (more on that later) needed a bit of time to breathe, I started playing around with a couple of web frameworks. The previous iteration of this site used good old WordPress, but I never felt like I was able to sculpt it to my liking, even after more than 15 years of using it.

These lines are now powered by Astro. My current goal is to use this not only as a blog but as a playground for whatever comes to mind. A flexible canvas for all things I’m interested in. Something I’m able to craft into whatever I need it to be. I never got there using WordPress, so this can be considered a freedom strike.