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This book wasn't what I expected or needed, but that's entirely my fault, not the book's. If you're looking for a comprehensive guide on how to establish an online brand and start selling products of any sort to clients, this book is excellent. It serves as an introduction to marketing and how to sell yourself and what you're doing.

I don't know why I started reading this anymore. Something about this blog and my desire to be more visible online and to become an indie developer made me think I would find something valuable here, but that wasn't really the case.

Perhaps it's because I don't have a real product to sell yet. Or maybe it's because I inherently dislike the idea of having to market something to people. If it's the latter, I should probably give the book another read. If it's the former, I should consider revisiting the book at a later date.

Be that as it may, it's not a bad book. It's well-structured, well-written, very practical, and to the point. It's just not the right book for me at the moment.