Yahaha, you found me! I’m Marcel, a designer for digital products that recently started writing his own code. Building things fascinates me like nothing else, no matter the form. I forgot that for a couple of years and it made me feel worse., so now I’m back to building and sharing what I’m working on. Stay if you want to accompany me on this adventure.

Me, sipping an iced tea on one of Berlin’s last days of fall.

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Reach out if you feel like there’s something to reach out about. Drop me an email or toot me on Mastodon.


  • I spend a lot of my spare time on learning Swift and SwiftUI. Tiny pocket computers are still fascinating to me. How did we get here. Why can they be so powerful, yet so small? I love working on apps.
  • Reading is my favourite form of relaxation, you can follow what I’m reading on Goodreads.
  • Getting back into blogging. I love writing and personal blogs.