Because everything is cyclical, I’m back at trying to publish cringy content on YouTube again. This time: Short update videos for the apps I’m working on. The first one is not really short but it brings you up to speed with my current project: Placescore.

I wonder why we don’t paint more things in pastel shades, given that it’s generally agreed upon that the world looks nicer in pastel.

I’ll watch the very last episode of Seinfeld tonight and I already miss it dearly. What a great show about nothing.

I noticed that my current implementation of… basically everything results in me not being able to create good Firebase security rules for Goblin Mode. So I‘m refactoring… basically everything. What sounds like a pain in the ass is actually a lot of fun. The next iteration will be so much better. Hopefully.

Happy new year, friends! I’m a little late to the party but there you go. In case you waited for me to welcome you to the new year, you can now feel wholly welcome.

My and their life would be better if I could explain static electricity to my cats.

If you’re into social networks that don’t want you to pay $8 each month to consume content by far-right idiots, you can now follow this blog on Mastodon. This account will toot out every entry as soon as I click “Publish”.

Marketing people calling their little advertisements creatives might be the biggest euphemism of all.

There’s an unwritten rule that if you work long enough on complicated enough digital product design problems, somebody will come along and think that color coding would be a great solution. It basically never is. Color coding is a sign of design weakness.

I added a “Follow” button to the sidebar. Clicking it brings you to a new page explaining how to follow websites without social media. Everything old is new again. RSS is back, baby!

It turns out that my new coding skills can be applied to WordPress theming as well. Wow. This blog now has a special style for short posts like this one. 👋