December 26, 2022

2022 step by step

Earlier this year I decided that I’m not walking enough. It’s supposed to be healthy and my average daily step count for 2021 looked like this:

That’s obviously not good enough. An average of 4000 steps is not only embarrassing but also a far cry from the 10,000 steps you’re supposed to walk if you trust some company’s advertisements. Or science.

I tried walking 10,000 steps a day previously and found that it’s basically impossible to do if you don’t have a commute or two hours a day to walk through the city. Since I’ve been working from home for six years now and I didn’t plan on walking through Berlin Mitte two hours each day, I needed a better solution.

My friend Luise told me about her WalkingPad. A slow treadmill you can put under your standing desk to walk while working. A worthwhile investment, as you can see by my stats for 2022.

If you want to walk more in 2023, make sure to check out Stoins. It’s a step counter I designed and programmed that lets you repair your walking streak by collecting Stoins. It’s a whole thing.

  1. Oh, what a twist. I really thought you were walking each day around Berlin. And I wondered how can this be entertaining on a daily basis.

    Did you see any changes from walking that amount daily? Like less pain, more muscles, get barefoot shoes or anything?

    1. The WalkingPad makes it sound easy but it’s still walking 10 kilometers each day!

      I was pretty fit before starting this so there were no real physical changes but I think it had positive effects on my sleep and back!

    1. Some random one from Xiaomi, it’s not available anymore though. No idea how much power it uses and tbh I don’t care. I consider this a cost for being healthy and if this is a +50 € subscription each month, so be it.

      1. Thanks, I just locked around and found out that the Brand is „King smith“ and it‘s rebranded for Xiaomi and others. Nevertheless I ordered another one 🙂 Next week I will find out if I can write code and walk at the same time…

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