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I worked with mytaxi for two years and was responsible for UX, UI and interaction design of all six products mytaxi offers.

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As Europe’s biggest taxi app, mytaxi is being used by a really big number of passengers each month. 35.000 taxi drivers are on the streets to pick mytaxi customers up and safely bring them to their destinations. In 2013 I joined mytaxi to work on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps and to help redesign all three them.

Building a product that is rooted both in the digital and in the real world brings a few interesting challenges with it. Most mytaxi users don’t have time for bullshit. They want to get the job done and if they’re in need of a taxi, they want it as fast and easy as possible.

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We wanted to achieve all of this without losing any of the flexibility mytaxi provides to its users. You want to order two cabs to two different locations at the same time and pay for one in cash and through the app for the other? We made even this seemingly complex process convenient.

For that, we decided to move away from common iOS and Android patterns and implement something we called “the bubbles”. Every order lives in its own bubble and can be interacted with quickly and easily without having to navigate through menus.

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We also made sure that the whole app doesn’t look as complex and filled with features as it really is. Mytaxi feels lightweight and fast but it actually contains around 120 different screens and a lot of features business travelers can’t live without and casual travelers will neither need nor notice. We aimed at providing the perfect balance between both worlds and, if reviews in the app stores can be trusted, we achieved this goal.

The mytaxi driver app

Even people who know mytaxi often forget that there is a whole other world that doesn’t get as much attention as the app for passengers does. The mytaxi driver app was one heck of an interesting projects. We redesigned the whole app from scratch and optimized it for the situation it’s being used in the most: On all kinds of Android and iOS smartphones that are mounted to the window of some kind of taxi, one arm-length away and being used while driving.

The common taxi driver is not the target group you design for every day. They’re mostly older, not overly tech-savvy men. Taxi drivers don’t have the time to get used to something new and shiny, they just want to get their passengers from A to B. It’s a tool that, even more than the passenger app, needs to get the job done. It has to be robust and needs to be a help rather than an obstacle for the daily tasks in the life of a taxi driver.

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Our aim was to make it as convenient as possible to be as informed as possible in every situation the drivers find themselves and their passengers in. A driver is on the way to the passenger and something unexpected happens? There is a quick way of contacting the passenger. The passenger used the “Message to the driver” feature to inform him about something important? We made sure it’s displayed as big as possible and at the right time for the driver.

mytaxi for Windows Phone

I had never worked on a concept or design for Windows Phone before we decided to build mytaxi for Windows Phone from scratch, so this was a special project for me.

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I found that Windows on mobile is actually a very interesting OS that’s mostly overlooked and not taken seriously. I’m secretly rooting for Microsoft to get their feet on the ground and establish Windows as a popular mobile operating system so I can work on even more projects for it.

mytaxi for Apple Watch

When Apple announced the Apple Watch we knew what we had to do.

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If Knight Rider taught us anything, it’s that talking to a car through a device on your wrist is something everyone should be able to do. The next best thing are hoverboards but we’re still waiting on those. The former, however, is possible now. With only one tap on your wrist you can order a taxi to your current position. It couldn’t be easier. Still not as cool as K.I.T.T., though.

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I was also responsible for the design of mytaxi.com. The previous site had a few years under its belt and it was time for something new and more modern that more clearly displayed the advantages for passengers and drivers.

You can find mytaxi at mytaxi.com, on the App Store, Google’s Play Store and on Microsoft’s Whateveritscalled Store.

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